Kevin Hart Speaks On His Journey

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Matt Carley
Patrick Bet-David has done it again. His insightful, down to earth interviews are worth every second. In this interview with the world-renowned Kevin Hart, the two get deep into the elements that have made Kevin one of the greatest comedians of all time.

Kevin emphasizes the importance of welcoming life lessons. "You have to make the dumb mistakes. You can't avoid the life lessons", he says. These lessons are what allow you to be aware of what does and doesn't work, which helps narrow your path to success.

He also stresses the significance of being cognizant of success and how to control it. Aside from occasionally smoking weed with Snoop, he admits that his one and only drug addiction is success. "Success is the biggest drug known to man", Kevin states. He adds that a success addiction only becomes bad when you don't put yourself in an environment to realize it. Success makes you feel invincible and before you know it, everything you need is granted and you entirely lose sight of reality.

As always, immeasurable value gained from Valuetainment. Check out the video to see just how mentally dialed in Kevin Hart is today.

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